The services offered by Prelios Valuations are:

  • Loan Services: for the valuation of real estate collateral, in the retail, small business and corporate sector, underlying the credit collateral both in performing portfolios and outstanding loans or as part of real estate development operations
  • Full Appraisals: for the examination of the value of individual complexes and real estate portfolios, mainly through exclusive economic financial analysis models;
  • Mass Appraisals: for the statistical revaluation of large real estate portfolios through the proprietary application MAGISTER, mainly for the purposes of credit risk mitigation, as well as the provision of services such as:
    • databases available for consultation, 
    • representation of real estate assets, 
    • market outlook 
    • etc.
  • Independernt Expert: for the calculation and regular updating of the value of the portfolios of real estate funds, as well as provided for by law;
  • Advisory: services dedicated to customers who require complex analyses that meet specific needs;
  • Study Centre: using the databases made ​​available along with others of a different nature, current and future market studies are provided, in order to directly deliver value-added services.

Last updated: 08/04/2016 00:00