Mass Appraisal

Our company owns a cutting edge application for the statistical re-evaluation of large real estate portfolios: MAGISTER, Master Assessment Geo-referenced Isometric and Territorial.

MAGISTER meets the Credit Risk Mitigation requirements of Bank Institutes allowing the frequent re-evaluation of the real estate collateral underlying the wealth of mortgage loans granted in accordance with the requirements of Basel international regulations.

MAGISTER conducts statistical evaluations in two different ways:

  • on a STATIC basis for the calculation of the current market value;
  • on a DYNAMIC basis with the monitoring of the local market trend.

MAGISTER provides reliable values ​​also against minimal data input such as:

  • on a STATIC basis address, consistency and intended use;
  • on a DYNAMIC basis address, intended use, date and value of the last survey

MAGISTER'S main operational features are:

  • Normalization and subsequent geo-referencing of the input data
  • The detail cartography, which allows the fragmentation of the national territory into homogeneous micro-areas with narrow range values.
  • The values input under the model, coming ​​from four different sources: one external and three internal to Prelios (comparables from transactions, interviews with real estate operators, listings on the Casaclick portal and market indicators operating nationwide).
  • The algorithm that controls the entire system, aimed at the normalization of the data and at recognising and calculating a maximum variance of emerging volatilities.
  • The market data survey from January 1996 to date.

MAGISTER is both a statistical re-evaluation tool of large real estate portfolios in a fully computerized format with quality control output system and a database that can be queried with 3D representation of the asset (where coverage is applicable) and representation of the value, including customised. Its strong points are:

  • Heterogeneity of the sources used
  • Amount of information managed
  • Intelligent raw data weighting capacity
  • Reliability also with minimal information
  • Calculation of values ​​with restricted and explained variances
  • Possibility of carrying out desktop assessments
  • Processing on the portfolio examined, reporting and market analysis


Last updated: 08/04/2016 00:00