The Mass Appraisals services and the Study Centre use Magister (Master Assessment Geo-referenced Isometric and Territorial), an real estate application and database created by Prelios Valuations which operates on four different categories of items: normalization and recovery of the input data, detail cartography, model input values ​​(in large numbers and from different sources), a weighting algorithm that governs the whole system.

Magister conducts extensive assessments on a geo-referenced, cartographic and territorial basis. On a static basis, it determines the current market value; on a dynamic basis, it monitors local market trends by analysing the percentage change in value that each asset, in each zone, has recorded in a given period. Thus, Magister has recorded in its database the semi-annual real estate values ​​by location and type as from January 1996. 

Magister produces a much more precise and customised – hence more reliable – assessment compared to that offered by standard methods. It allows the development of real estate assessments but also market analyses and portfolio calculations, as well as the production of reports in the manner and for the intended uses.


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